An elderly woman's purse was just stolen by two criminals. All of a sudden they got apprehended and the purse was returned to the elderly woman. No one could do this but super you! This has always been everyone's childhood dream. Currently, a lot of people still wish they were superheroes with extraordinary powers that could save the world from evil forces. You can always put on the costume of your superhero character but you have to be a really big fan to pull out something of this nature because a lot of people can't pull off the strings. Nowadays, superhero fanatics are able to stand for their favorite cartoon character by wearing stuff like t-shirts, bags and much more.

Marvel superhero shirts and parcel collections include some of the famous comic book heroes that even adults have knowledge about and love. Examples of popular characters found on t-shirts and other merchandises are X-men, The Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Superman appeared for the first time in June 1938 in an action comic publication and ever since then, it has appeared in different kinds of media such as comics, radio, books, and television. Furthermore, it became a public icon as a file format called Man of Steel. The most well-known Superman t-shirt is that of its logo which is mostly worn under a polo shirt to give the bearer a Clark Kent appearance when he's about to change into his costume to save the day.

This was created by Bob Kane and appeared for the first time in Detective comics as far back as May 1939. A year later, Batman gained its own comic book and was among the best-loved superhero characters of a lifetime. The Batman vintage t-shirt includes the classic Batman logo. It is more often a black shirt with the famous yellow Bat logo that gives it that original vintage appearance. This is a wonderful, easy and classic pattern that fits perfectly well with a normal pair of jeans. On the other hand, the Batman flames shirt has the classic logo in bold blue flames.



Here are the following steps were taken in preparing for a superhero birthday party theme:


Step 1: Party Invitations – when making an invitation you ought to send something out that is suitable for the theme of your child’s superhero birthday party theme. Try making use of this heading “calling all superheroes” and ensure all important information like the date of the party, the location of the venue, commencement and closing hours are included in the invitation card.



Step 2: Party Decorations – in terms of decoration, you may want the party venue to resemble a superhero secret hideout. You may also have posters lurking around the venue or have superhero faces drawn on your balloons. You can offer capes and masks to all the children as soon as they arrive at the party or ensure they come all dressed up in their favorite superhero’s apparel. Some adults may likely join in the fun as well.


Step 3: Party Activities – there are different types of activities that take place in a superhero birthday party like a showroom where kids could try various attires or merchandises like gloves, hats, magic wand and much more. The kids could even participate in a short play whereby the protagonist plays against their villain characters in order to make it more fun and interesting.


Step 4: Party Games – after the completion of the various activities played, it is time for them to play various games. The games should also match the superhero party theme. For an outdoor game, it could be played by kids chasing a villain around that is preferably an adult as kids prefer a good superhero. Ensure that before the game commences, safety must always come first and the rules must be set before the fun begins.

Step 5: Party Entertainment – superhero jumper houses are becoming very famous. There are basically various kinds of bouncing houses one can select from.

Step 6: Party Food – putting names on food to match with the theme is a great idea like Green sandwiches, Super cupcakes and much more. Keep the consumption of sugar to its minimum until the end of the party.


Step 7: Party Cake – this is most likely towards the end of the party where your child is ready to blow out the candles and everyone can’t wait to enjoy the cake. Select the colors of your kid’s favorite superhero in order to decorate the cake with it. Put some action figures of the superhero and villain that was selected, on top of the cake. The toys will be kept in the custody of the birthday child after the party is finished.

Step 8: Party Favors - this is the final part of putting an end to the super-fun party. You may need to offer party favors as a way of saying thank you to your guest. The party favors are mostly takeaway bags that include candy, toys or even a comic book. The beauty of this special day is that it leaves your guests in a happy state as they reminisce on that super fun day for weeks to come and hope the next party they attend should be more fun than what they had experienced already.


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